Laramie County School District 1 Superintendent Mark Stock says the District will be looking at ways to better monitor who is coming and going from older schools in the district during the upcoming Christmas break.

Stock says monitoring visitation is generally not a problem in newer district school buildings such as Sunrise, Saddle Ridge and Rossman schools. That's because those buildings are designed in such a way that anyone entering the school automatically encounters a central office, allowing school officials to know who is entering the building.

But he says older school buildings still in use in district 1 are not designed that way, and often don't allow for the same type of built-in monitoring, in part because the school's central office may not be located near the door. Stock also says that although he's heard a number of suggestions that the district allow more employees to carry weapons as a way to increase security, he is concerned such a policy would create more problems than it would solve.