Fabio once said “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” maybe we should hate where he’s from, even if it’s not Stockton, California where the most beautiful are.

There’s a website called “Hot or Not” where you could look at people’s pictures and rate them from 1 to 10.  Now it’s an app where they collected data on the list of hottest cities in America, as far as “hottest people,” and not so shocking, the state of California had the most beautiful people, however it’s more shocking that it’s not Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or San Diego, (although San Diego is on the list,) it’s STOCKTON???

Stockton was ranked 5th as far as “hottest men” in the country, while Stockton women were ranked NUMBER ONE in the country.  Here’s the breakdown:

The ten cities that had the hottest women in the country are Stockton, followed by Riverside, California, Santa Ana, California, Scottsdale, Arizona, Miami, Florida, Hialeah, Florida,  followed, San Diego,  and Anaheim, California, Chandler, Arizona and Boston Massachusetts.

But what’s the hottest city for the “hottest men?  Number one on the list is Nashville, (which doesn’t surprise me given all the hunky country artists and want to be artists trying to get a break in music city.   Coming in second is Boise, Idaho, followed by Lincoln, Nebraska, Fort Wayne, Indiana, STOCKTON, California, Lubbock , Texas, Buffalo, New York, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Omaha, Nebraska.

Two cities out of Nebraska made the list, but what about Wyoming?  Sadly, I couldn’t find it on the list, but I think we’ve got some beautiful people in our Cowboy State, but WHERE in the state do you think the hottest guys and gals live?  Jackson, Laramie, maybe Gillette?  Where in Wyoming do you think the “beautiful people” live?