You know them, you see them daily, you probably contribute to the cause. The cell phone has become the distraction that you must know what's going on, you need to see what others are doing and you just need to know the answer to an unimportant question that pops in your head. Jimmy Kimmel, the other night, came up with this new (fake) product that should help with the cause. Hopefully it'll make more people just relax and enjoy life for a few fleeting moments.

watch 'Stop Looking at Your F***ing Phone Every 5 Seconds.'

Me? Guilty as charged. If I'm waiting or just killing time until something happens I'll look at my phone, maybe check Facebook or Twitter. See what people posted on Instagram and usually loop that over and over. How about you? What are you looking at when you look at your phone for a second or two? Tell us in the comments.