Grateful Mike's merging onto the 'Information Superhighway,' look out.

Do you tweet? Last weekend I sent out my very first tweets and it felt kind of like cranking up the old Model T Ford and sputtering onto a giant 6-lane highway.

Luckily my daughter was home to help with some of my questions. I will admit, it was addicting, Emily warned me it was hard to quit once you start.

It was Sharon Fain who got me to sign up for a Twitter Account.

She does the Wyoming Business Reports each week and also works at Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power.

She's the one who informs us of power outages around Cheyenne and when the electricity is coming back on. Sharon told me that Twitter was the best way to keep up with any outages around the area, so she helped me get an account.

I was on my way to joining the information superhighway.

When our family sits down for our weekend meals, things usually get a little out of hand, conversation-wise.

We all have lots to catch up on and much to tell about our exciting week's. Due to a need to catch up on sleep, the dinner conversations normally are not normal.

It was during a wacky meal time that the decision was made to Tweet.

I realized it was sort of like Mark Twain in his day, writing to connect with people you want to reach, and getting things off your chest.

The next thing I knew, the first Tweet was out there, then I replied to Weird Al Yankovic, whom I had decided to follow, about casting for the upcoming 'Gilligan's Island' movie.

Then I found some Grateful Dead music recorded last month at the 1st Bank Center when Phil Lesh and Friends played 3 nights and I was hooked.

You never know what's out there until you try it. I guess the next step will be joining Facebook.