Do you have any winter survival tips to help make it through the below zero temperatures?

The mass of arctic air that swooped into our area this week lowered temperatures into the double digits below zero. Many Wyomingites who have survived extreme cold snaps before have some valuable advice.My Dad always reminds me when the thermometer dips below zero degrees to let your faucets run a little, just about the width of a pencil lead, to help keep your pipes from freezing. This is especially important for those in mobile homes.

Also keep your gas tank at least halfway full. You wouldn't want to run out of gas and get stranded when temperatures are dangerously low. If you become stuck in the snow, you'll have enough fuel to continue trying to get out and to keep the heater running while waiting for help to arrive.

During the winter it's always a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Be sure to include items like jumper cables, kitty litter, a small shovel, blanket and energy snacks.

When walking out into the sub zero temperatures, try to cover any exposed skin. Wear layers of loose fitting clothing to trap the warm air inside. Don't forget the hat, gloves and maybe a scarf to cover up your mouth and nose.

Are there any words of advice you've heard over the years that you'd like to pass on? Please post them here in the comment section.