In 1968, a small taco stand opened in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The “Taco House” was an instant success with the locals because of the distinctive seasonings in the tasty tacos and generously sized burritos. In 1969, the franchise rights were purchased by two local businessmen, Harold Holmes and James Woodson. The pair decided to name the franchise after the man who opened the first store—John.

The restaurants began to quickly evolve, with the introduction of drive-thrus and interior seating in 1973. The then-unique concept of Mexican fast food first brought in the curious and adventurous customer. Just imagine being one of those bold individuals who tried Potato Olés® back in 1979 when they were first introduced! Over time, these satisfied customers came back to Taco John’s for great food, fast service and fair prices.

Today they have more than 400 quick-service restaurants in 25 states, making Taco John’s among the largest Mexican restaurant brands in America. Taco John’s is now celebrated for our unforgettable value deals like Taco Tuesday®, a promotion which started back in 1982, and now they are giving back!

This Thursday between 7 — 10am Taco Johns will be giving away free Meat and Potato Breakfast Burritos — one per person! Taco Johns has supported this community for over 40 years – let’s show them we appreciate them too. Take the time – I’m sure there will be a line – and enjoy a FREE Meat & Potato BREAKFAST BURRITO from TACO JOHNS!