Laramie County 4-H Club Benefit [VIDEO]
Here’s family fun that will help our youth grow into fine adults. That comes from caring, nurturing and learning about living. 4-H has a history of being a positive community helping to develop fine children and eventually, great adults. Let’s support this excellent organization...
Friday At The Fair
The Laramie County Fair is on at Frontier Park (1210 8th Avenue) in Cheyenne. Today’s events include:
8:00A - FFA & 4-H round robin for large animals
10:00 - Exhibit Hall Open to all
10:30 - on The Exhibit Hall Stage; Kenn Serrano’s magic show
11:00 - Young Guns Wild West freeK…
What’s Your Beef? Wyoming Grown Of Course [VIDEO]
Young cowboys and farmers will be at the Laramie County Fair today, representing Future Farmers Of America and 4-H. 4-H dates back to 1930 and the oldest one in the nation is also the biggest. Check out the video for that. In Cheyenne, things will be starting at Frontier Park with:
7:45 ~ 8:45      R…