Own A Piece Of Beatles History [VIDEO]
Ringo Starr  and his wife Barbara Bach are cleaning out some storage units and gathering items from their homes in London, Beverly Hills and Monaco to auction them off December 4th & 5th.
Up for sale are rare Beatles memorabilia including his three-piece oyster black pearl drum kit …
Beatle Memorial Tree Killed By Beetles [VIDEO]
Smell the irony. The late Beatle George Harrison spent his final years in Los Angeles, California. A now 10-foot pine tree planted in his memory has now died of….. wait for it…… Beetles.
The infestation killed the 10 year old tree that was marked with a plaque that reads &quo…
The Beatles In The Lord Of The Rings Killed By J.R.R. Tolkien
Back in the 1960’s, John Lennon wanted to make a Lord Of The Rings movie with John as Gollum, Paul as Frodo, Ringo would take on the role of Sam, and George would have taken on the role, or robes, of Gandalf. J.R.R. Tolkien didn’t like the idea and since he held the screen rights at the …
What’s Your Favorite All-Time Beatles Song?
Is there a Beatles' song that you love?
I love lots of songs by The Beatles, but narrowing down which one you like best is really tough. With the half-century mark of their first U.S. visit approaching, we're wondering which John, Paul, George or Ringo tune you want to hear?
‘Your Sunday Brunch’ Menu for January 6, 2013
How are you starting off the first Sunday morning of 2013?
I'd like to invite you to join me for 'Your Sunday Brunch' from 7 until 10 as we usher in the new year with some tasty Tunes you probably haven't heard in a while or possibly have never heard before.
There's music news about 'The Boss' being h…

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