Real Names Of Celebrities, Who Are They?
Thursday we asked you what’s in a name Well now we want to know who’s name it is, for instance, Tom Mapother, or Cheryl Sarkisian or Margaret Hyra? Even though you don’t recognize their names these are all very famous people, but who were they, name wise?
What Celebrity Would You Want As A Neighbor?
Zillow came out with their annual “Celebrity Neighbor Survey” asking what celebrity neighbor would you want to live next to and which celebrity neighbor you wouldn’t want anywhere near your neighborhood. Blake and Miranda made the list, however, even though they were #1 last ye…
David Bowie Featured In New Louis Vuitton Ad
David Bowie hasn’t been sitting around twittling his thumbs these days, even though he hasn’t been on the touring circuit for quite some time. He recently cranked out his latest album “The Next Day” featuring his song “I’d Rather Be High,” a song tha…
Phyllis Diller Has Died…Again?
If you love comedy, you probably know the name Phyllis Diller.  Many female comediennes agree that if it wasn’t for her pioneering spirit, at a time where most everything, including comedy was dominated by men, that they themselves would not be able to do what Phyllis loved to do, make pe…

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