Another Winner For Our Easter Keg Hunt
Congratulations to Shannon Baynard for her success in our Thursday Easter Keg Hunt. Deciphering our clues and being the first to find and deliver the prized keg back to Alph gets her a $50 bar tab and the respect and awe of our citizens that go with her skill with the following clues...
Couple Finds Easter Keg And Wins – R U Next?
Chris and Monica Munoz turn The Easter Keg over to Alf at Alf’s Pub after following these clues from Tuesday that led them to the keg hidden at Jolly Rogers:
Tuesday’s clues:
Clue #1
If you’re headed West of the Pub your going the wrong way
Clue #2
Lets build a camp fire together
Clue #3
Our form of gas / …

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