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Elton John Writes A Song From Oven Instructions
Bernie Taupin writes his lyrics while Elton Writes the music. It's a potent and talented team that has lasted decades through thick and thin. But once alone on a television show, Elton rises to the challenge of writing a song from mere oven instructions...
Elton John Calls Russian Anti-Gay Policy ‘Dangerous’
Elton John is once again taking on Russia and what he calls its "inhumane" anti-gay laws. After sternly criticizing state officials during a December concert in Moscow, the singer-songwriter has now written a more detailed condemnation, which he's posted on his website.
Elton John Sympathizes With Reality TV Singing Stars
It's easy to complain about singing competition shows like 'American Idol,' 'X Factor' and 'The Voice.' They value karaoke-style singing over performing one's own material, they favor pop flash over personal grit and they've spawned dozens of similar-soun…

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