5 Beer Theft Fail Videos That Wyoming Needs to Top
Cowboy Kickoff's Kip Moore will be singing his praise toward 'Beer Money' Sept. 2 in Laramie, but here are some poor suckers who tried to circumvent the whole 'beer money' thing. Spoiler alert, most of these videos don't end so well for the crooks.
Take My Money!.. No Wait,… WAIT!! [VIDEO]
Saw this video of an amazing new toy, The WalkCar, and immediately wanted one. It reminded me of my skateboarding days and how I was actually pretty good at it. Then I thought about the Segways that seem easier and more stable and how much fun they would be...
The Ultimate Fails Compilation of 2013 [VIDEO]
When you're having a bad day or just need a good laugh, watching others fail at their task may be something to bring a smile to your face. Our friends at FailArmy bring you the very best fails of 2013. This video is over half an hour long to grab your favorite drink, bring a snack, sit back and…
10 Unfortunate Bowling Fails
Bowling is like a right of passage; you've gotta wear those extra smelly shoes at least once in your life. Ya know, for the semi-gross experience. Not to mention the actual game is pretty fun, too. The thing is, it's also very fail prone. But we ain't complaining!
13 Unfortunately Placed Price Tags
Having done our fair share of time in retail, we're willing to bet these price tag placements were all intentional -- probably done by some poor soul about 10 days away from quitting their job. Doesn't make them not funny.