Martin Luther King Jr Closures in Cheyenne
Wondering if a Cheyenne business is open today on Martin Luther King, Jr's holiday?
Many businesses are closed today, including all federal, state, county and city offices but some remain open such as the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and Cheyenne Family YMCA.
History of Labor Day; Are You Working Today?
Did you punch in today? Have you ever had to use a time clock? I have at several jobs. Did you ever join a union?
Union labor is a big part of the history of today's holiday. While many are enjoying a day off, traveling or cooking on the BBQ, most people don't know the real reason we celebr…
‘Your Sunday Brunch’ Menu for February 17, 2013
Are you enjoying a long President's Day holiday weekend?
That might give you a chance to wake up early and listen to 'Your Sunday Brunch' from 7 until 10 a.m. on February 17.
We'll play a song by Presidents, catch up on some rock and roll news, celebrate a couple musical birthdays, get you ready for t…
Martin Luther King and 10 Other Famous ‘Juniors’
Today people will stop and reflect about the legacy of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. — one of a number of famous people who made marks of their own despite having names that ended with "Junior." Dr. King's father was also a minister who inspired many followers, but o…

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