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Why Wyoming is Best For Meteor Shower Viewing August 12
On our annual trip around the sun, the Earth is about to pass through the debris field or tail, of the 16-mile wide Swift-Tuttle Comet and the results will be fantastic night shows in the sky. In fact, this year’s meteor shower will be spectacular with 150 to 500 Perseids per hour instead of t…
Up Late? Look For the Draconid Meteor Shower 2013
Have you seen any of the Draconid meteor shower this year? If you're outdoors overnight, watch the sky for falling stars.
The peak of the 2013 Draconid meteor shower was October 7, but you may still be able to catch some of the shooting stars and make a couple wishes.
Wish Upon A Star, More Meteor Showers Expected Tonight
Have you seen your first falling star of 2013?
Gailen told me today that he saw a meteor early this morning on his way in for the KING morning show. There should be plenty more to see if we have clear skies overnight in the area.
According to, the annual meteor shower you can view tonight is…
Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
What would you wish upon a star?
With the skies over the area clearing up, we should have a beautiful night for watching the Lyrid Meteor Shower when it peaks.
Especially around Wyoming, there are plenty of places to go with very little light pollution. with unobstructed views of the night sky.