The 7th Annual Wyoming Short Film Contest
Do you aspire to be the next great director?
The Wyoming Film Office is seeking submissions for their 7th annual Wyoming Short Film Contest offering a $25,000 prize to the winning entry with a storyline that takes place in Wyoming, features the 'Cowboy State,' or presents Wyoming as a major…
Do You Still Use a Phone Book to Look Up Your Numbers?
Do you ever use a phone book to look up a number any more?
The new phone book arrived at our house today, wrapped in it's bright yellow bag. It reminded me of the scene from Steve Martin's movie 'The Jerk,' where Navin Johnson gets overly excited that 'the new phone books are…
What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Movie? [VIDEO]
Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving scene from a movie?
The chaotic scene from Oliver Stone's 'The Doors' movie has to be one of the most memorable for me, mixing a little rock and roll in with your turkey. (Be warned that the video contains some not so family friendly language and sub…
John Lennon on Forbes’ 2013 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List
Which dead celebrity took in the most money last year?
Topping the annual list put out by Forbes Magazine is Michael Jackson amassing more than $160 million in 2012. Meanwhile, the top-earning living celebrity for 2013 was Madonna taking in $125 million. This is the third year of the past five where …
Shoot Out Cheyenne Runs October 4-6 at The Atlas Theatre
Are you submitting a film for The Shoot Out Cheyenne?
There's still time to get your entry in to win prize money and get your film screened at the Atlas Theatre this weekend. The Shoot Out Cheyenne has been underway since September 20, but you can still make your own 7 minute movie and get it en…
See ‘The Lorax’ in Lions Park for Free Tonight
'The Lorax' Official Movie Trailer (YouTube)
Do you remember going to the drive-in movie theater?
You can relive those days tonight in Lions Park at the final Free Movie in the Park, 'The Lorax.' Weather permitting, the 2012 film will be shown on the inflatable screen on the Willia…

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