What Celebrity Would You Want As A Neighbor?
Zillow came out with their annual “Celebrity Neighbor Survey” asking what celebrity neighbor would you want to live next to and which celebrity neighbor you wouldn’t want anywhere near your neighborhood. Blake and Miranda made the list, however, even though they were #1 last ye…
Are You In The Stores Shopping The Day After Christmas?
Even though I love Christmas, spending time with family and friend, I for one, am glad it’s all over! After fighting for a parking space that’s nowhere near the main store entrance, and plowing my way through the crowds trying to get everyone on my Christmas list taken care of, I thin…
What Can You Do For A Broken Toe?
I realize that this picture is less than pretty, not only from not having a much needed pedicure in a few weeks, but because 3 out of 5 toes didn’t make it while settling into our new house! In fact, I think they're broken!

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