Cody Police Department Rescues Adorable Ducklings
It was the Cody, Wyoming Police Department to the rescue Tuesday afternoon!
After receiving a call about a distressed mallard duck, Officer Jennifer Morris went to assess the situation. Officer Morris quickly discovered why the animal was so upset, five ducklings were trapped in a storm drain al…
Sheriff’s Office Conducts Three Rescue Missions in One Day
The Albany County Sheriff’s office sent out three rescue missions on Tuesday to help people impacted by the winter storm.
The Platte County Sheriff’s office called dispatch at 8 a.m. and said that two men who got stuck near Fletcher Park Monday afternoon were able to make it to a cabin at…
Albany County Official Helps Save a Life
The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office says an Albany County official probably saved the life of a Rock Springs man.
According to a press release, Director of the Albany County Emergency Management Agency Aimee Binning made a call that brought deputies to the rescue of a motorist who had been s…