Your World Can SMELL LIKE CAT HEAD, For A Price
Usually when you talk cat spray, you end up throwing out some clothing, furniture or the cat. But would you buy a smell from the other end of the cat?
Every cat owner knows the back of their pet's head is the best-smelling part of it...
Have You Smelled Red Rocks Lately?
The is reporting complaints of a foul smell of bodily fluids, beer, nachos and other noxious ingredients combining to make a witches brew of olfactory obnoxiousness.
"People, it appears, have been pooping, peeing, vomiting, bleeding and spilling nacho cheese all over the stairs at Re…
Pill Makes Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate [VIDEO]
An inventor in France has created a new pill that makes your flatulence smell like CHOCOLATE.  It's all-natural and herbal, and only costs $16 to get a package of 60 capsules delivered.
65 year old Christian Poincheval had a flatulent dinner with friends where ‘Our farts wer…