Okie Blanchard Stadium Visitor Stands Torn Down [PHOTOS]
Have you driven past the old Okie Blanchard Stadium on Pershing Boulevard lately?
The visitor stands of the old Okie Blanchard Stadium have been knocked down to make room for the new stadium being built next to it. Soon the home stands with the press box will also be removed.
Grateful Memories of McCormick Jr High’s Kickball Field
Do you remember playing kickball at McCormick Jr. High in downtown Cheyenne?
While I was filling in for Chuck this afternoon, I was hearing the jackhammers, front end loaders and dump trucks working down the street hauling away pavement from the parking lot of the Emerson Building, the former McCormi…
NFL Scrapping Roman Numerals for 2016’s Super Bowl 50
Can you read the roman numeral XLVIII?
That would be 48, the number of this year's Super Bowl featuring the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Today, the NFL announced that the 2016 Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California will be known as Super Bowl 50 rather than Super Bowl L.
Who Will Win the Stanley Cup? NY Rangers or LA Kings?
Who are you picking to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup?
It's the 2014 finals of the National Hockey League beginning tonight, June 4, in Los Angeles with the Kings hosting the New York Rangers in a best of 7 series where the winner gets the Stanley Cup, who are you rooting for?
Cheyenne Stampede Hire Eric Ballard as New Head Coach
The Cheyenne Stampede junior hockey team will have a new head coach next year.
According to Junior, Eric Ballard takes over immediately for Gary 'Gilly' Gill, who led the team to the playoffs in his one year as head coach during the 2013-2014 season.
Who’s Your Favorite Team in the NCAA Tournament?
Did you fill out your Million Dollar Bracket yet?
March Madness has arrived, the NCAA basketball tournament round 1 is underway and at our website we have your chance to win a million dollars if you fill out a perfect bracket. Do you have a favorite team playing this year?

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