Would Wyomingites Get Soundwave Tattoos? [POLL RESULTS]
Earlier this month (May 2017), we saw a couple of awesome videos for soundwave tattoos. Then we asked Cowboy State residents if they would be interested in actually getting one. Now the results are in!
Almost 60% of the people polled said yes they would be interested in getting a soundwave tattoo...
Just A Little Off… The Top
Hey, wait a mow-ment, I see what you did there.
For Father's Day, this guys daughters got dear old dad a tattoo for his bald spot. That's his wife in the bikini pushing a lawn mower around the ever decreasing forest of hair.
Maybe in a few years, a tat touch-up could change the mower to a fl…
Van Halen Unveil ‘Tattoo’ Video
If there ever was a time you will feel like you stumbled onto an intimate and private Van Halen soundcheck, it’s during the band’s video for their new song ‘Tattoo,’ the first single off their upcoming album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ due Feb. 7.