Grateful Memories of the Grammy Awards 2015
Were you watching any of the Grammy Awards broadcast on Sunday night?
There were definitely some high notes and some low notes struck at music's biggest night February 8, but I was glad I watched for a few of the musical collaborations.
What’s Your Favorite Christmas TV Special?
Is there a holiday special on TV that's a must-see for you each year?
For me, 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas,' fills my heart with joy each season, much like the Grinch's own heart swelling to three times it's size when he discovers the true meaning of Christmas.
Where Is” Breaking Bad’s” Jesse Pinkman Now?
We knew it had to end for one of the biggest cable television shows of all time, and it ended with the main subject dead on the floor with a bullet wound in the stomach. But for Breaking Bad’s " bad partner" Jesse Pinkman, we saw him flying to freedom at high speeds in a vehicle, a…

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