Will The Raise In Price Have You Cutting The Cord?
Merry Christmas! Dish and DirectTV are hiking their service fees by $2 to $5 per month, and their package pricing will increase as well.
The announcement came just before Christmas. When more and more people are cutting the cord and switching to other more non traditional alternative entertainm…
Edith Bunker Has Left The Stage
Jean Stapleton, best known as Edith Bunker from the groundbreaking 70’s show “All in the Family,” has passed at 90, of natural causes, surrounded by family and friends
While Edith was her most recognizable role, she had many others, including the 1998 Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan romanti…
Thunderbirds Are Go!
5–4–3–2–1!... Thunderbirds—the British sci-fi series that launched in 1965 featuring marionettes, or "supermarionation" is about to land in 2015.
The same team who that worked on Peter Jackson's 'The Lord Of The Rings" and &…

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