Chad Prather Issues Interesting Flag Challenge [VIDEO]
There have been a plethora of memes, pictures and videos of people disrespecting the American flag surfacing all over social media. What's worse, is there have been people challenging others to go further and beyond in desecrating Old Glory.
Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps!
Today celebrates one of the most important days in not just my own personal history, but that of our entire country's as well. Today marks the 238 birthday of America's 911 force, the United States Marine Corps.
US Marine Kills 2 Before Turning Gun On Himself
Thursday night, a Marine open fired on two of his colleagues in the barracks, before turning his weapon on himself. All three were confirmed dead on the scene. The shooter and the victims, a male and a female, were staff at one of the military base's schools...
Once A Marine Always A Marine
As a nation, we all know, all too well, the circumstances of the tragic events that took place last week at Sandy Hook Elementary. It touched us all and shook the nation, if not the world, to the core.