An American Privilege
Thank you to those Americans's who at great sacrifice, gave us freedoms, rights and duties. We owe it to you all, to be stewards of this nation.
5 Reasons Wyoming Should Vote Alice Cooper
While the nation struggles with the choice of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for President 13% of Americans prefer a meteor to strike the earth. Since the meteor has yet to register, I see an alternative has appeared in the race. Rocker Alice Cooper has tossed his hat into the ring for President of…
Governor Mead Reacts to Senate Rejection of Medicaid Expansion
Governor Matt Mead issued a statement Friday evening in response to the State Senate's vote to reject Medicaid expansion in Wyoming.
Here is the full statement:
“The Medicaid expansion amendment to the budget failed. We will not provide health care coverage for 20,000 Wyoming citizens...

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