Accessorize That Suit — Footwear, Ties, Pocket Squares & More
Yup, we're in the very heart of wedding season. Decoding proper wedding wardrobe is difficult enough, but even after you've chosen the correct suit for the event, you also need to consider what goes with that suit. If you want to charm your way into an extra piece of cake or a dance with t…
Best Photobomb Ever
Photographer Kerinsa Marie was contracted to capture the proposal of Molly and Ken at the final Colorado Rockies game of 2013.
As the marriage proposal message showed up on the scoreboard Kerinsa sprang to action getting a shot of the scoreboard then turning to get a shot of the proposal and the happ…
Did Your Wedding Day Turn Out Like You Planned?
Ever plan a big event only to have it be nothing like you’d hoped it would be, especially when it comes to weddings? It was 4 years ago today that my husband and I said our “I do’s” on a day that we planned to be a perfect one, and it was, sort of!

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