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Pink Floyd Reunites at London’s O2 Arena [VIDEO]
David Gilmore Plays \"Comfortably Numb\" with Roger Waters (YouTube)
Did you think it was really going to happen?
Last July, Roger Waters promised that David Gilmore would join him on stage to play "Comfortably Numb" at one of his concerts and last night in London i…
World’s Tallest LEGO Tower Now In Brazil [VIDEO]
World\'s Tallest LEGO Tower in Brazil (YouTube)
What can you build out of LEGO's?
In Brazil last weekend they built a record-setting 102 foot, three inch tall tower made out of LEGO's, mostly constructed by school children. It took four days to put together the 500,000 pieces,…
Grateful Dead Movie Encore At Theaters May 5th [VIDEO]
Grateful Dead Movie Event trailer (YouTube)
Did you ever see the Grateful Dead in concert? Watching the Grateful Dead Movie will give you a good idea of what it's like.
In case you missed it last month on April 20th, an encore showing of the Grateful Dead Movie will be in theaters across the coun…
Possibly The Best Ping Pong Shot Ever [VIDEO]
Do you think you're a good ping pong player?
We played a lot of ping pong on our table downstairs when I was growing up and we thought we were getting good, but in other parts of the world they take the game to a whole new level.
It's officially table tennis and is played before large crowds…
Soccer Player Drops Trophy And It’s Run Over By Bus [VIDEO]
Soccer Trophy Run Over by Bus (Denis Doyle/Getty)Real Madrid won the Spanish Cup earlier this week over their rivals, Barcelona. As you can see from the thousands of soccer fans who lined the streets of Madrid, this is a really big deal.
The winning Spanish Cup team receives a large trophy, which Rea…
Grateful Dead Movie In Theaters On April 20
Grateful Dead Movie animation (YouTube)
Have you ever seen The Grateful Dead Movie? The You Tube animated clip is just the beginning of the film.
The movie has not been in theaters nationwide since it's release in 1977, but tonight on April 20th 540 theaters across the country are showing it...

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