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Van Halen To Play Pepsi Center On May 24 [VIDEO]
Are you excited about about the new Van Halen album?
David Lee Roth has reunited with Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen and they've finished their new record and are heading out on tour.
"A Different Kind of Truth" will be released on February 7 and Van Halen will play the Peps…
‘Tommy’ Director, Ken Russell, Dies at 84 [VIDEO]
Have you watched The Who's rock opera "Tommy"?
Ken Russell directed the 1975 film and he died Sunday, November 27, at his home in Lymington, England at the age of 84.
While rock fans may remember the English filmmaker for his adaptation of Pete Townshend's rock opera, critics know him for hi…
Watch the Longest Field Goals in NFL History [VIDEO]
Can you name the 3 NFL kickers who share the record for the longest field goal?
Just before halftime in Denver on Monday night, the Oakland Raider's kicker joined this elite group who have each made the 3-point kick from 63 yards. The field goal helped the Raiders win 23 to 20 and spoil the Bron…
Mount Etna Volcano in Italy Blows Rare Smoke Rings [VIDEO]
Can you blow a smoke ring? Mount Etna, the volcano in Italy, can.
Recent YouTube footage captured the volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, puffing out rings of smoke that look amazingly graceful and huge.
This is a rare event: smoke rings from Mount Etna were first noticed in 1970 and again in …
Phoenix Buried by Fourth Dust Storm this Summer [VIDEO]
Phoenix dust storm 81811 (YouTube)
The Wyoming winds kick up a lot of dust, but they're nothing compared to the haboobs Phoenix has had this Summer. (There have been so many, we've learned a new word for them)
Last Thursday, August 18, the fourth big dust storm of the season rolled into the …
See the Sixth Annual Vedauwoo Vertical Dance This Weekend [VIDEO]
Do you like to climb the rocks at Vedauwoo? Have you ever danced on them?
This weekend, students from the University of Wyoming perform the sixth annual Vedauwoo Vertical Dance at Box Canyon. Performances will be at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
Along with dancers on the various levels of…

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