Ever love a song so much you’d want to take it to the grave?  Well now you can!  Fredrik Hielmquist, who’s a Casket maker, has now come out with the “Cata-Combo Sound System” for your…you guessed it, CASKET!

For just a mere $30-thousand dollars, you can buy this casket that includes a two-way, eight inch subwoofer, an online playlist that your family and friends can update for you, and a digital readout screen so you can see what’s playing underground!   Now correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you’re planning on being buried ALIVE, would it really matter WHAT’S on this playlist?   You’re hopefully not going to hear what's blasting on this casket stereo anyway!

This did have me thinking though, if you had one song that you could take to the grave and into eternity, what would it be?