Love life gotten a bit stale? Take your lady on a date. A recently released study found that women who go out with their man at least one night per week are 3.5 times more likely to report heightened sexual satisfaction.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or work in a recession-proof field, you know dates are expensive. With movies costing upwards of $13 per ticket and a dinner at the Olive Garden topping $50, going out once a week can add up. Luckily, the folks at spoke with Penny Tree Advisers certified financial planner, Dan Candura, to devise money saving tips for taking your woman out regularly without breaking the bank.

Cash Only

Bringing a set amount of cash with you on a date, instead of credit or debit cards, will allow you to spend a fixed amount. If you’re interested in sticking to a planned budget, you’ll have a better chance if you leave the plastic at home, suggests Candura.

Be Sure to Prioritize Your Spending

Keeping sharp notice of what you spend each day, will better allow you to reduce the amount of frivolous purchases, like that expensive cup of coffee you buy every morning. Candura suggests either keeping a mental list, or a physical list of what you usually spend for a two week period, then making necessary adjustments, will benefit you greatly. If you have a Smartphone download apps like, an application that connects to your bank account to track and categorize expenditures; or Balance, a basic app to help you manage the balances on all of your accounts by manually inputting all expenses.

Save Money When You Can

For some, a fancy night on the town is synonymous with a good time, but that’s usually not the case. Instead of a pricey restaurant try cooking at home. A survey lead by Men’s Health asked 1,000 women what they thought made a man “hot”, and being able to cook was in the top five under the category of having pragmatic skills. So a trip to the grocery store instead of the restaurant may work better in your sexual favor.

It’s Cheaper to Plan Ahead

If you’ve committed yourself to a weekly date night with your lady, be sure to pre-plan where you go. This way you can research and take advantage of deals like Seize the Deal or LivingSocial, or phone apps like Scoutmob, that gives incredible discounts that are typically given on a first come first serve basis. If you are able to map out your dates, you’ll be able to budget your money much more easily.