If someone ask you about Cheyenne, what would you say? See what people have said on a national forum.

This is on askreddit.com and some are serious, some funny and others spot on. What would you say if asked about Cheyenne?

  • While renting may be a bit on the high side (no experience with that) the cost of owning a home is significantly lower (talking low to mid 100's for a 1800 sq-ft home)
  • Cost of living in other aspects is quite low as well. No State income tax is just one example but there is much more.
  • The commute to Fort Collins from Cheyenne is not all that bad. Sure on occasion the road can be a bit hazardous and the rednecks you're sharing the road with can be annoying but overall its not terrible.
  • Ease of access. I don't know how much of a "good" aspect this is but I must say I like it. Regardless of when and where you are going in this town you can generally expect it to take under 15 to 20 minutes.
  • People are generally nice...perhaps a bit trashy and perhaps close minded but generally nice...
  • The gun control thing is beyond me, I am for much more control than any of the states have so I doubt you want my opinion.

The gun control issue started with someone asking the question "Talk To Me About Cheyenne" and read the answer:

Original question: There is a potential I will be relocating to Northern Colorado, but would rather live in Wyoming. Cheyenne seems to be the closest "large" city/town, but I know next to nothing about it. Can anyone give me a general rundown on quality of life and schools in that area? Thanks.

First answerSo do you have or want to buy magazines with more than 15 rounds? Just curious, because for some reason I hadn't really thought much about how new state gun control laws might actually affect people's decisions about whether or not to move there.

This is fun stuff to read when you get a chance.

I will close with one that irks me, everyone who is relocating here knows this one:

If you are renting with animals you'd be better off in Colorado. This town is not pet friendly. I've seen more listings with 'no pets' here than I have anywhere else.