We raised more than $4,000 for Grace for 2 Brothers, now we're raising money for Safehouse (AND giving you 4 shots at $500) with Thankful Thursday today.

It's another great night at the Redwood Lounge, to grab a few drinks after work while raising money for another great cause, Safehouse Services of Cheyenne.  Safehouse reaches out to those who are in domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault situations, and gives these victims a place of shelter and safety.  They're designed to give a comprehensive set of services for victims and their children.

We're also starting over with 106 Coors Light aluminum bottles, all with prizes!  Be sure and stop by Central Bank and Trust at 3060 East Lincolnway, (just down the street from the Redwood Lounge) and pick up the "Thankful Thursday Word of the Week," and bring it into the Redwood Lounge.  If we draw your number and we ask you what the word of the week is, and you have that card in your hand, you could win $200!

There'll be all sorts of great auction items up for bid with proceeds to benefit Safehouse.  The party gets underway at 4:30 p.m., and you NEVER have to pay to get in.

Just come into the Redwood Lounge at 2105 East Lincolnway, get a wrist band with a number on it, and we could draw your number for your shot at $500.  We'll see you at the Redwood Lounge!