We don’t have the exact date The Albany first opened, but it was in late April 1942, so this anniversary is a huge one – the 75th – and will go on for a week, April 24-29.

It’s cool that 75 is exactly half the city of Cheyenne’s age. We celebrate 150 years this summer.

According to the history page of their website, The Albany has been owned by the same family since 1942. Gus Kallas declined to discuss details, so we didn’t chat about how long he has owned it, himself. “We’re very territorial,” he said. It does seem clear that they do most everything well and let that speak for itself - and equal longevity.

Around 1900 the building went up as The Hotel Becker, and featured Le Barron’s Restaurant. Eventually, the building changed ownership and was renamed The Hotel Albany. What’s now the Albany Bar was once The Depot Exchange Café, then The Kabis Café and later The Stockman’s Bar.

Gus Kallas wasn’t asked if next week's “throwback specials” mean prices will be like 1942. That might have gotten a funny look, and we’d probably just say, “We understand you still have to make a living.” Let's tip well next week at The Albany.

Happy 75th.