Orange will be the color of the day this coming Sunday all over Cheyenne as Broncos fans gather to watch their favorite team play the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Playoffs.

In a rematch from a few Thursday Nights ago, the San Diego Chargers will invade Mile High Stadium for the Peyton Manning Show. This could turn into the Phillip Rivers Show, named after the talented Chargers quarterback, due to his fast-paced footwork and impeccable snap decisions. If you'll remember, at their last meeting, Manning stewed on the sidelines and the team lost to San Diego.

Where are you watching around town? Sports Bars like Shadows Pub and Grill, Sanford's, Jackson's, and Buffalo Wild Wings will be playing the game on one of their many widescreen TVs. I highly suggest watching it--it's bound to be one of the best AFC playoff games in quite a few years.