The Parsley Avenue bridge across I-80 is a weird duck. 15 mph speed limit?

In September of last year, the bridge was struck by a big rig carrying an excavator on I-80. First problem: there are bridge clearance signs on all highway bridges. That is a law from the U.S. Department Of Transportation. I guess the driver was gambling that day.

On December 16th the bridge was closed from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Still no repairs and a 15 mph speed limit. Now I'm not a gambler like the truck driver, but I would like to speed across that bridge to avoid it rattling and shaking. I heard you can see it rumble underneath when cars and trucks drive over I-80.

Maybe the speed limit should be faster to avoid falling into I-80 when going 15 mph. But not really... there is a cop car almost always near there to make sure you are going 15.