My son-in-law texted me, "There's a horse and cowboy on your plates..." and I then introduced him to STEAMBOAT!

My wife keeps calling him STONERIDGE and I said I guess that's close to STEAMBOAT. To tell the truth, I didn't know he had a name until I recorded the commercials for STEAMBOAT STEAK HOUSE. In the commercial it talked about him. Then I got more interested and researched him.

The legend of Steamboat lives on:

Steamy was foaled on the Foss Ranch in Wyoming in 1894. Only the owner's son could lead him, ranch hands couldn't tame or ride the feisty black colt. Four years later he was sold to another ranch and more cowboy's tried to train and ride him. One of them got so upset with him, they smacked him across the nose with the loaded butt of his quirt (had to look up - It's a riding whip with a short handle and a lash of braided rawhide).

That blow unwittingly created a legend of the West. Always thereafter, due to some undiagnosed and untreated obstruction of his breathing apparatus caused by the injury, the maltreated horse whistled like a riverboat whenever he went into action. In time he became known from the Rio Grande to the Canadian Rockies as "Steamboat—the whistlin' hoss."