Ever notice that the things we used to have that were a part of our everyday lives are now gone by the way of the dinosaur?

My husband and I were entertaining ourselves while making the lengthy trek down that stretch of Hwy 85 as we headed towards Cheyenne, talking about the things that have, or soon will disappear, thanks to technology.  Things like encyclopedias, thanks to Wikipedia.  Not seeing a lot of landline phones in peoples homes these days, thanks to the cell phones.  It does crack me up though that they still deliver phone books.  REALLY?  Who uses them anymore, except to maybe prop up the coffee table from that leg that's broken.  And when was the last time you've actually seen a phone booth?  Did they ever have a phone booth in Cheyenne.  I'm from a small town south of the border, and not only did we have a few pay phones in some places like the laundry mat, or the local gas station, we actually had a phone "booth" in front of the little A & P Grocery Store, where my mom use to turn in her trading stamps...boy is that ever gone by the way side.

When was the last time you used a travel agent, or how bout a dictionary?  And I'm wondering how long before a Post Office becomes a thing of the past?  What things would you add to this list that are no longer around, or will soon disappear?