Has the Summer heat been too much for you? This video might help cool you down.

My friend Hoang lives in Barrow, Alaska and he recently sent me this video taken earlier in August when their temperature hit a sweltering 64 degrees. That really is a hot day when you're that close to the North Pole.He wrote that the wind chill was at 55 degrees and estimated that the water temperature was 37ish.

Hoang, whom we all call Jack or Jackson, his friend Kimberly, who filmed this, her son Zack and their neighbor Leah ventured onto the beach and bravely plunged into the Arctic Ocean.

Most of the year, this part of the world is covered in ice and snow. Makes you believe in global warming.

Here's to you Jack and your fellow Polar Bears! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't of seen it on YouTube.