Here we go and grow with Part 2 on growing awesome tomato's!

6. Fertilize it!
For optimal production, fertilize twice monthly after watering with water-soluble fertilizer such as 15-15-30.

7. Water deeply and regularly

It’s best to do the watering in the low intensity of the early morning sun. Use a soaker hose rather than a sprinkler, as it’s important to water only the root zone and avoid the fruit or foliage. In the developing stages, a regular, thorough watering is essential, especially on summer’s brightest, windiest days.

8. Encourage pollination
Lack bees in your area to pollinate your plant? Simply use a Q-tip to transfer pollen from bloom to bloom.

9. Let the flavors grow 
Allow your tomatoes to ripen on the vine for the best, most flavorful, results. But if you’re stuck with green tomatoes at the end of growing season, place one ripe tomato in a paper bag with a few green ones. The ripe tomato releases ethylene gas, helping to speed the green ones’ ripening process.

10. Display your results!
Store your tomatoes on the counter, not in the refrigerator. Chilling a tomato does not increase its shelf life but does decrease its flavor.