Now that we're a couple weeks into the new year, how are your New Year's Resolutions shaping up?

Instead of the normal "lose weight" or "stop smoking" maybe society should get rid of some of these words from our vocabulary.

Here are the top 5 words/phrases that should be removed from our vocabulary:

1.   BAE -  (I found out that this actually stands for something, "Before All Else") I really loathe hearing people say "My Bae." This kind of goes along the same lines as "My Boo." People sound uneducated when they speak the word.

2.  BOSS - As in "Like A Boss." Eat your a  boss! Yeah, we can do without that one. Unless you're actually referring to your boss at your job, this should be avoided.

3. BRAH - As in "Hey Brah." This is commonly said in Hawaii as a greeting between guys but has made it to the mainland and has been in our vocabulary for the past several years now. Since most of us aren't Hawaiian, we should just stop using it.

4. EPIC -This is now an everyday saying. So much that it has been overused for everything. This should mean the biggest thing to happen EVER, but now it is said for everything in huge proportions. Not everything can be "Epic." Unless you're talking about a natural disaster causing epic destruction, you should avoid this one.

5. JUS' SAYIN' - We know your "just saying" something. I'm jus sayin' the time has come for this this to be banished.

Do you think these words or phrases need to be eradicated from our common vocabulary? Let us know in the comments section or Facebook.