When you get a new pet, sometimes it’s hard to come up with a name to call it, especially since Lucy and Sam have been used to death.  MSN came out with this list of trendy pup names that might be of some help.

MSN based this list from data they got last year, and according to them, “most popular” may not mean “most trendy.”  That's because popular names are based on how many people named their dog that name, and trendy means a name that’s risen in popularity.  Look at this list and see if your dog’s name is on it.

#10 Charlie for a female dog, and Scout for a male dog.  Both names have dropped in popularity, but still trendy enough to mention.

#9 Maya and Milo:  The name Maya rose 43 spots according to MSN, and the name Milo for a male dog has slowed down a bit but still considered “trendy”

#8 Carli and Gunner: Both names (especially Carli) rose on the list of most popular and most trendy.

#7 Athena and Ace: Athena rose 46% and Ace has risen 53% since it made the list in 2004.

#6 Nala and Leo: Nala was #4 on most trendy names last year, while Leo was #7.

#5 Layla and Marley: Even though Layla dropped on the list, it’s still on the list of most popular and still considered “trendy” while Marley took the #5 spot on the list.

#4 Marley and King: I know, they already have Marley on the list, for a male dog that is. Marley is also among the trendiest of female dog names.  King surged from #8 on the list to #4.

#3 Willow and Dexter: Willow keeps rising on the list, and while Dexter slid a few places, it’s still a “trendy” name.

#2 Piper and Thor: Even though Piper slid a little on the list, it’s still 65 places higher than when the name first appeared in 2004.  Thanks to the “Thor and the Avengers” movie, the name Thor rose 76 places.

#1 Luna and Jax: Luna must feel comfortable being in the #1 spot, seeing as though it was in the same spot last year.  After being #5 last year, Jax landed at #1 for male pups.

What’s the most unique or “trendy” name you’ve either named or heard named for a dog?