In Wyoming’s Star Valley, you’ll find Afton, at the heart of what we love about the cowboy state. The world’s largest Elk Antler Arch, Intermittent Springs and the Lincoln County Fair in the summer, and the Snowmobile Hill Climb Challenge in the winter.


But with Spring arriving in 12 days, the snow is melting while the ground is still frozen. And then there’s the juxtaposition of feelings. Happy to leave winter behind, but the rain, and the melting snow in the nearby mountains is spilling into the valley and causing some flooding and pooling in the low areas.


Officials have made sandbags available for those who need them and they could be very helpful in saving property. We've had lots of snow and, in fact, every part of Wyoming is above normal this year, after a good but only 85% of normal levels of water last year. For all of the needs and pleasures we get from our water, life giving water comes with a bit of pain at times.


Here’s to the hearty souls and the Wyoming spirit of helping our neighbors, the folks in the valley will be fine. Here’s to an easy transition to Spring on the 20th.