Collegiate Sports Associates (CSA) has completed its review of UW’s football and men’s basketball programs.

The study was done at the request of UW President Bob Sternberg with the support of Athletics Director Tom Burman, who will spearhead UW’s efforts to implement the report’s suggestions. The president received the final report Sunday.

Sternberg said the university appreciates the work done by CSA and believes the report contains some "valuable suggestions on how to make our programs even stronger." Sternberg says the University will  "take a thorough look at those suggestions and determine those we will implement immediately, as well as those that may take more time to put into place.”

The report states that sustained success of UW’s football and men’s basketball programs “will have a wide-reaching impact on the (Athletics) Department, the University and the entire State. Athletics must be positioned as an integral and visible part of the University’s strategic plan. This must be an ‘all in’ effort from people on campus and throughout the State who care about UW.”