How are your trees looking?

The City of Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division encourages property owners to give trees and shrubs some much needed water during this mild weather weekend.

Urban Forester Lisa Olson says Cheyenne is more than six inches below our normal precipitation for this time of year.She says trees and shrubs are stressed from a dry Summer and Fall and this weekend would be a good time to make sure they have enough water heading into the Winter months.

Dry Winter winds can cause water loss through the leaves on evergreens and the branches on deciduous trees to the point of causing significant limb die back or entire tree mortality.

Olson advises watering early in the day around the drip line of the tree, don't water the tree's trunk because it could freeze, causing damage to the tree. Water at least once or twice per month during the Winter, applying about 10 gallons of water for each one-inch of truck diameter.