Gary Freeman posted here about Cheyenne Observing the 50th Anniversary Of Vietnam War on Saturday. I thought I would add a post script.

50 years after the Vietnam war’s beginning, a reunion of about 100 gathered at the Laramie County Library. The event gave men and women who served in Vietnam, recognition of their sacrifice and a chance to talk about things that no one should have to see or deal with. They memorialized the POWs and MIAs and made information available about assistance programs for vets.

If I may rant for a moment: While I deeply thank all who are currently serving and have served, I feel especially thankful, yet embarrassed and ashamed, for those who served in Vietnam, but came home to a segment of our nation’s idiots shouting “Baby killer” and similar epithets, at those who bravely answered their country’s call and went through hell’s meat grinder for us.

Vietnam vets, you have earned a special mention in my daily prayers and my continued gratitude. For the rest of us, this misplaced anger at our involvement in South East Asia should serve as a reminder to pay special attention to those who get us into these situations to begin with: our politicians.

In my opinion, be wary and watch them like hawks. Be discerning of your news sources, on either side. Seek out the truth and do not trust their agenda and ratings tainted coverage. Vote as if our lives depend on it.

Just my opinion, - Steve Cooper

Thank you Vietnam Veterans, thank you all.