At 7:14 this morning, just as the sun was rising, this is the view from our studios on the 3rd floor of the ANB building at 20th & Capitol. Earlier, at 4:30 this morning I was brushing about 4 - 5" of snow off of my car, and scraping some ice off of the windows. The drive was a bit slippery and I found that our parking lot had been plowed, but the wet that remained had turned to very slick ice that almost had me on my butt, but I managed to make it inside without making a fool of myself.

Watch your drive on the way in, there are patches of black ice that could have you calling your insurance agent if you don't allow extra time and distance between you and the car in front of you.

The system has moved off to the south and is causing a few problems for our Colorado neighbors to the south. Here in Wyoming, we'll hit the upper 30's and the weekend looks good. Find out more about that here: