Are you a fan of the AMC TV series 'The Walking Dead'?

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live during a zombie apocalypse, this show will give you a glimpse.

The last few episodes of season 2 were shocking because some of the main characters were killed and some became zombies. So one rule when zombies take over, no one is too important to not be killed off.

The finale of the second season was watched by an estimated 9 million people, according to the Nielsen Ratings, making it the most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history.





For those who may not have discovered 'The Walking Dead' on Sunday nights, don't worry. You can log on to and get caught up on both seasons.

Also, before the series begins again in the Fall, just ahead of Halloween, AMC TV will probably run another whole weekend 'Walking Dead' marathon to help you get caught up.