Ever since Colorado legalized marijuana, the authorities have been trying to get a grip on how to handle drivers that are high. It’s come down to: Treat stoned drivers just like drunk drivers. If you or anyone you know has ever had to deal with a DUI, you know it creates major and expensive hassles in your life, and it should.

I would hate to see some children being told, “Your mother & father are dead,” just because some idiot had to get a buzz on and then get behind the wheel.

It’s my feeling that you can get as high as you like, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. That includes being so high you can’t keep a job and the rest of us having to pay your way.
But, back on point, Colorado has the problem and they are dealing with it, by beefing up their counter measures and enforcement. Colorado authorities are also looking for another $1M in funding to be even more effective and come down on stoners gone mobile.

So if you’re cruising south this weekend, maybe to take in ZZ Top at the Paramount Saturday night: Leave the driving to somebody sober.

Get it? Got it. Good!