The Cheyenne City Council Public Services Committee on Tuesday gave it's approval to a proposal to ban the feeding of ducks and geese in city parks and recreational areas. Cheyenne Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Todd Feezer, who originally asked to city council to take up the issue, says people feeding the birds has caused them to stay in large numbers in city parks, especially Holliday Park. Feezer says in some areas of Holliday Park duck and goose feces is becoming a hazard, and he says there have been reports of some of the geese hissing and acting aggressively towards park visitors, although so far no one is known to have been injured by the birds.

The original proposal called for fines of $10 for first time offenders caught feeding the birds and possible fines of up to $25 for subsequent offenses. But the committee on Tuesday voted to stiffen the penalties so that they are in line with other violations of city ordinances. That means people caught illegally feeding the birds potentially could face penalties of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $750. The proposal still must go through two more readings and win final approval from  the full city council before becoming law.