Wondering where the smokey haze around Cheyenne is coming from?

There are plenty of sources as wildfires are burning in several locations across the western United States including in Wyoming.

According to the Wyoming State Forestry Division, there's a 6, 500 acre blaze burning southeast of Casper. The Little Boxelder Fire about 10 miles south of Glenrock has burned grass and timber since it was first reported last Friday. It is about 80 percent contained.

There's also a lightning caused fire burning near Alpine Lake in the Fort Washakie area covering 142 acres.

Elsewhere, firefighters are monitoring a 218-acre wildfire in a rugged area of the Shoshone National Forest on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The Wyoming State Forestry Division says on their website that wind currents are carrying a majority of the smoke that is reaching us from fires in northern California, northern Nevada, and across southern Idaho.  Forest officials point out that smoke exposure can temporarily cause burning eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, headaches, and illness. However, these symptoms usually disappear soon after one leaves the smoke. The public’s best defense is to limit exposure as much as possible and to limit heavy exertion if the smoke is causing respiratory distress.