Kids in Laramie School Districts 1 and 2 will soon be back in school, for some, for the first time, usually at age 5 which is the age they start, or is it?

I was thinking back to my days of my youth, when my mother would pack my lunch pail, and send me on my way.  My first day of school started in Mrs. Bradney’s Kindergarten class, and I was so excited to FINALLY be going to school like my older brothers and sisters.  I have to admit, I wasn’t overly thrilled after finding out that school lasted longer than one whole day, but still glad to be going.  I was 5 years old, and going to school meant that I was starting to grow up.  But not everybody starts school at age 5.

I remember a Kindergarten class mate who didn’t start when he was 5 years old, and it wasn’t because his birthday fell on a time of year that would be too late for the school season.  His mother decided to hold him BACK one year, and have him start at age 6.  WHY?

I remember thinking how cruel that his mom would do that to him, but the reason she did, is because she felt that he would have a better advantage by starting one year later.  He would be a bit more mature than all the other 5 year olds, and he would be able to advance further in his education, and you know what, he DID!  He was a really smart kid, who’s probably a doctor or lawyer by now.

Things are quite different than it was back in my day.  My education started basically at the same time most other kids started, at age 5, however today, there’s all sorts of classes for toddlers to get them ready to go to school.  There’s preschool classes, and in some cases, even “pre-preschool” classes just to get those kids ready for regular preschool!  I’ve heard of some parents who have enrolled their kids in some sort of scholastic program as early as TWO YEARS OLD!

I’m just curious, have you, or anyone you know been held back a year in starting school, and did they fair better than the rest of the class because they’re older?  Did any of you start school at age 2?  Take this poll, and let me know if I’m part of the norm, or the “ad-norm!”